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    November 8, 2018 by Dribb Support
  • Dear Customers,

    As per my previous communication with you this week regarding the changes to software and the paid plan they now require you to sign up to for features you have always enjoyed, today we are issuing the 30 day server update warning.

    What does this mean?
    This means that from today (8th November) you have 30 days before we update the SHOUTcast server software to the new version, removing features such as AAC and MP3 broadcasting above 128kbps (you'll only be able to broadcast at 128kbps and below) unless you pay for the paid plan to get these functions back (we know, this is disgusting..).

    What is the date you performing the update?
    The date we will perform the server software update will be Saturday 8th December 2018, this can be anytime, there will be no downtime to stations.

    I am planning to switch to Icecast, what now?
    Now that we have issued our 30 day warning, those customers that have already contacted us to switch will hear from our switch team to get this started. If you have not contacted us yet and wish to switch to Icecast, please submit a support ticket.

    I am a reseller, what happens now?
    Please pass this information on to your customers, while we cannot handle the account switches for you as it is your responsibility to handle this line of support to your customers we will assist in creating the new accounts for you (you handle the media backups and communication with your customers), please do submit a support ticket first before you start this process.

    Any questions or comments, please do contact us, you can submit a support ticket and either myself or our support team will assist with your questions, we are always here to help.


    Alison Customer Services

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