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  • NEW Premium Reseller Plans - Shoutcast & Icecast Resellers!

    April 11, 2019 by Dribb Support
  • Dear Customers,

    Today we have some very exciting news, we're officially launching our new Premium Radio Streaming Reseller plans!

    So here are a few key points:

    1) Dribb Cast Panel: This is a new web control panel that we are offering for our new Premium Shoutcast & Icecast Radio Streaming Reseller service, it's packed full of features, head over to it’s dedicated website here to find out more (free 10 day trials also available):

    2) New Premium Reseller Radio Streaming Plans: Alongside our normal Basic Shoutcast & Icecast Reseller plans (now rebranded to “Centova Cast” plans) we are also offering new Premium Streaming Reseller plans using the new control panel - Dribb Cast - the new plans still come with Shoutcast v2.6 (latest - SSL/https secured stream with premium plan) and Icecast v2 (full SSL/https secured streams - no additional cost) options, alongside the new options of selecting Shoutcast v2.5 (previous) or Icecast KH plus a whole new HTML5 interface that works across smartphone, tablet and of course desktop computers also so you can manage your streaming business from any device you like, plus many more features!

    - PLUS full support for the new software premium plans - yes, something Centova Cast do not support at this time, the new software premium plans, when you purchase them (from allow you to broadcast above 128kbps, use AAC and SSL secured streams, since Shoutcast Server Version 2.6 these features are not available for free from

    - View Premium Reseller Plans Here:

    3) NEW PREMIUM RESELLER PLANS ARE NOT ON SHARED HOSTING: This we must make clear to point out, the new Premium Radio Streaming plans are not on shared hosting, the prices listed on our website plans are for the Dribb Cast software & how many stations you are allowed to create, once you select a plan you will then need to choose your preferred hosting platform, we start with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) option and we also offer 3 Dedicated Server options! This means you have a server and Dribb Cast panel just for you and your customers, no other customers or resellers are on the server, more power dedicated to your reselling business and your customers, nothing shared.

    - Our Basic Radio Streaming Reseller plans - using the Centova Cast panel - are on shared hosting, this means the control panel & servers are shared with our own customers & with other resellers, this of course means you share the server resources

    4) Custom Hostname: All our new Premium Radio Streaming Reseller plans come with your own custom hostname (without needing to own a domain name yourself) such as this example:!

    4) Totally Whitelabel: While it is called Dribb Cast, and features a Dribb Cast logo, we have no links to and we do not mention anywhere! Also, the Dribb Cast website contains no links or branding.


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