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  • NEW Premium Streaming Reseller Plans - Updated!

    July 22, 2019 by Dribb Support
  • Dear Customers,

    As you may already know, not long ago we launched a NEW Premium Streaming Reseller Service, based on the new control panel Dribb Cast, we first launched this as a VPS or Dedicated hosted service only, while feedback has been excellent, we have also received a lot of requests from customers wanting the new Premium Radio Streaming Reseller plans but not with VPS or Dedicated hosting, but with Shared hosting only.

    Well today we have some very exciting news, we're officially launching our new Shared Hosting Premium Radio Streaming Reseller plans!

    New plans are starting from only £15.15 per month for 10 stations!

    This service is ideal for multi-station owners also!

    - View Premium Reseller Plans Here:

    So here are a few key points:

    1) Dribb Cast Panel: This is a new web control panel that we are offering for our new Premium Shoutcast & Icecast Radio Streaming Reseller service, it's packed full of features, head over to it’s dedicated website here to find out more (free 10 day reseller account trials also available):

    2) Same Dribb Cast Reseller, Lower Shared Hosting Cost: Nothing has changed with the Dribb Cast premium reseller service, same features, same modern panel, just a lower priced Shared Hosting option to start with!

    3) I Already Have Dribb Cast Reseller With A VPS/Dedicated Server, Does Anything Change For Me? No, nothing changes for you at all, we are continuing to offer the VPS and Dedicated plans you are already on.

    4) If I Start With Shared Reseller, Can I Upgrade? Yes, you can upgrade to VPS or Dedicated plan anytime you like!

    5) Custom Hostname (VPS or Dedicated Only): All our new Premium Radio Streaming Reseller plans come with your own custom hostname (without needing to own a domain name yourself) such as this example:!

    6) Totally White-label (Shared, VPS or Dedicated): While it is called Dribb Cast, and features a Dribb Cast logo, we have no links to and we do not mention anywhere! Also, the Dribb Cast website contains no links or branding.

    Dribb Cast Reseller VPS/Dedicated Pricing Explained - DC Reseller-B1 Plan Example; The prices listed on our website included VPS hosting and Dribb Cast panel license as standard, the total cost for this is £39.99 per month, here is how we get this plan price;

    1. 4 vCPU Cores Custom VPS (more specs HERE) = £26.99 per month
    2. Dribb Cast panel license fee, for example 10 Stations = £13.00 per month.
    3. Total: £39.99 per month.

    If you have any questions or would like to find out more, just reply to this email, we will get back to you with more information and answers to your questions.


    Alison Customer Services

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