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  • November 6, 2017 by Dribb Support
  • We are happy to welcome Polaris & Earth to our server lineup at Dribb!

Q: How do I get the free mobile apps included with my plan?

A: It is as easy as 1, 2 & 3!

  1. Complete payment for your new plan (your plan must include the free apps).
  2. Submit a support ticket from your My Dribb panel requesting the mobile app service.
  3. Our Mobile Apps team will contact you to collect some information before they create your app, they will show you a sample for your approval before submitting to the App Stores.

* IMPORTANT - APPLE IOS: Due to changes in Apple's guidelines, we cannot submit Apple iOS apps under our own developer account any longer, but you can still submit to Apple under your own developer account, you have 2 options available:

  1. You can register for your own Apple iOS developer account (you can self publish your app, or we can still publish the app for you, but you must add us to your developer account), Apple charge a yearly fee for the developer account and it is your own account, you will have access to all developer resources including BETA software, to sign up with Apple go here:

  2. You can proceed with our app service with an Android app only.

* IMPORTANT - GOOGLE ANDROID: We cannot guarantee app store 
approvals, where we are unable to successfully get your app approved by Google we have 2 options:

  1. You can register for your own Android developer account (you can self publish your app, or we can still publish the app for you, but you must add us to your developer account), Google will charge you $25 one time fee for the developer account, to do this go here:

  2. You can self host your app file, we will provide you with your .apk file, you can host this on your own web hosting account where you can direct users to download your Android app, each app update will need to be reloaded and users notified to download.

Twitter NowPlaying Script

Supports Shoutcast V1/2 or Icecast

  1. Download the Twitter NowPlaying script HERE
  2. Register a new app at
  3. Fill in API keys and server info in shoutcast.php or icecast.php
  4. Upload all files to your webserver in a web accessable directory
  5. Set permissions on uploaded files to 755
  6. Visit shoutcast.php or icecast.php in your browser to trigger an update or setup a cron job

cron job example:

*/3 * * * * php /home/username/public_html/

In this example php will execute shoutcast.php once ever 3 minutes. You may change to your desire.

some systems have different settings when running php from the command line... so you may also try:

*/3 * * * * wget

man crontab for more info. man wget for more info

This script will work properly on a default LAMP stack.

** Many shared hosting prividers disable required php modules and outbound ports. Please check with your provider for supprt **

php module requirements

sockets curl pcre