Dear Customers,
Today we are happy to announce that we have included Imunify360 with all our cPanel Hosting & cPanel Reseller servers for FREE!

That's right, no price increases, no extra costs but a lot of added security!

Imunify360 is a comprehensive security platform for web-hosting servers. It utilises highly tailored and integrated components for proactive real-time website protection and web server security. It’s not just antivirus or WAF. Imunify360 combines an Intrusion Prevention and Detection system, a Web Application Firewall, Real-time Antivirus protection, a Network Firewall, and Patch Management components. These elements are seamlessly integrated for flawless interoperability that instantly detects, fixes, and protects from any threats that a web-hosting server may encounter.



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Sunday, January 10, 2021

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