We are happy to announce the official launch of our Radio Apps service, this is a paid app service and it is available to all customers.

View Plans Here: dribb.com/mobile-apps.php

Why should I pay for a mobile app when you offer free apps? Well, there are some very big differences (free apps are still staying!), but we have received so many requests for colour and graphic customisations, different app layouts and better functionality that we felt this option should be available for those that would like to have more advanced functions & branding customisation, see bellow for more details on what makes the paid apps better.

I already have a free app, can i upgrade to the paid apps? Yes, so because some may want one platform only or may want both platforms we decided to offer 3 options; 1) iOS App Only, 2) Android App Only & 3) iOS & Android (Both) Apps - so what happens is we take your existing free app offline while we upgrade it, we create a new custom design, create the content, and submit to the stores, the process can be done relatively quickly depending on work load, we can send a push notification to your free app users so they are aware the app will be undergoing major work and may be unavailable for a short period. And again we can notify all users when its back and when the update is available to download from the stores.

Do I still need my own Apple Developer account for iOS apps? Yes, this doesn't change, much like our free apps, we do still require that you (the customer) have your own Apple Developer account for us to submit apps to the Apple App Store for you.

If Google or Apple reject the app is it your fault (Dribb)? No, this process is entirely up to Apple & Google, we can build your app, make sure that from a technical point of view there are no rejections, however if Google or Apple reject your app over content rights and/or rights to your app name/station name and require proof of your right to use the name, this would be for you to acquire such proof, for example registering your station as a legal entity is a solution.

Why do you charge a setup fee & monthly fee? The setup covers the customised nature of the design, the app is designed specifically to your stations branding and colours. The monthly fee covers the app hosting, access to the web panel and the advanced features, it also covers ongoing work we do to maintain the apps, create more features and improve the existing features. We take care of all bug fixes and make sure the apps work on new operating systems and devices.



1) Audio Player - Allows app users to listen to your station - single stream only.
2) Universal Branding - All free apps have the same colours & the same background.
3) Universal Splash Screen - All free apps have the same splash screen image displaying Dribb branding when the app loads.
4) Basic Contact Option - Users have access to a basic contact form that is emailed to you.
5) App Pages - All content is linked to your website, except "listen" & "contact".
6) Store Updates - We only submit bug fixes where there is a major fault with an app that prevents it from functioning correctly.



1) Audio Player - Allows app users to listen to your station - multiple streams (offer different stream qualities maybe?).
2) Custom Branding - The app is designed to your own station branding, this includes all colours, backgrounds and overall app navigation layout to be made custom for your app.
3) Custom Splash Screen - We customise the background to your station, also no Dribb branding!
4) Premium Contact Option - Display your physical address, email address (users can email you from this), website address, facebook & twitter pages all within the contact page.
5) WEB PANEL - We provide you access to an advanced web panel where you can login to send notifications directly to all your users phones, you can also edit or add content to your app and control your app content yourself.
6) Push Notifications - Send a message to all your app users directly from our web panel, let them know what shows are on and when, get them to "tune in now".
7) Local Weather - Would you like to display your local weather? This is possible, great for community radio apps!
8) Local News - Would you like to display your local news? This is possible, great for community radio apps!
9) Station Schedule - This is a full weekly schedule, with option to select the days to view each days schedule!
10) Notifications Tab - This is where all your push notifications will display in your app so users can check to see if they have missed any messages you have sent to them.
11) Built In Twitter - This feature allows you to display your twitter feed in your app, this is built in and not simply a link to the twitter page.
12) MORE FEATURES - There are options for picture galleries to be added, presenter pages, live chat, in-app members area/social network and much, much more!
13) Store Updates - We send app updates to the stores as soon as there are bugs that have been fixed, we also periodically submit updates to make sure your users are running on the latest build codes to offer the best experience possible.


As always, if you have any questions please do contact us, we are always here to help!



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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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