Premium Radio Apps (iOS & Android)!

We are happy to announce the official launch of our Radio Apps service, this is a paid app service and it is available to all customers. View Plans Here: Why should I pay for a mobile app when you offer free apps? Well, there are some very big differences (free apps are still staying!), but we have received so many ... Espandi »

21º Apr 2021
Security Boost; Imunify360 Included In All Web Hosting Servers!

Dear Customers,Today we are happy to announce that we have included Imunify360 with all our cPanel Hosting & cPanel Reseller servers for FREE!That's right, no price increases, no extra costs but a lot of added security! Imunify360 is a comprehensive security platform for web-hosting servers. It utilises highly tailored and integrated ... Espandi »

10º Gen 2021
ImunifyAV+ Malware Scanner Now Included In cPanel Hosting Servers!

Today we are happy to announce that we have included ImunifyAV+ with all our cPanel Hosting & cPanel Reseller servers! ImunifyAV+ helps you keep your websites free of malware. Keeping malicious code out of your files is essential to protect your websites, be they based on PHP (such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal), or built with classic, ... Espandi »

10º Giu 2020
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update 2.

Dear Customers, We know these are worrying times, we encourage you all to take the necessary precautions and follow all official advice from the government in your country, here are some of the changes we have now & NuWeb Solutions:ALL our sales agents and technical support agents are now strictly "work from home", this ... Espandi »

24º Mar 2020