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What Payment Options Do You Offer?

 March 21, 2018     0 Comments

We offer several payment options, this einclude:

  1. Credit or Debit Card
  2. PayPal
  3. Bank Transfer (One Time or Annually Payments Only)
When paying by Credit or Debit Card, we are not responsible for your card being declined, nor are we at fault if we cannot process your payment due to lack of funds, it is your responsibility to make sure the card registered is active and working with funds available, this also applies to PayPal payments, if your PayPal Subscription fails to complete due to bank issues or registered card is expired or lack of funds available we are not at fault, in such cases you will need to contact PayPal to find out the cause for the failed payments.
A payment by bank transfer timeline varies, as soon as we receive the payment it will be applied to your account.
Invoices 3 days overdue will incur a £5 late payment fee, at 13 days overdue your account is terminated. This applies to all customers, we cannot make exceptions in order to operate an equal and fair service to all.

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